New windows : We have a extensive portfolio of new windows, both Ecclesiastical and Residential.

Valuable or vulnerable stained glass should be protected; whether from the elements or from casual vandalism we can provide three different solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the glass and the building.

Traditional Wire Guards in black powder coated 316 grade stainless steel provide a non reflective and effective form of protection against flying stones or roosting birds. They do not protect against air gun pellets, wind or rain and can spoil the appearance of lightly painted delicate stained glass when viewed from inside the building.

Makrolon 2099 Polycarbonate will give excellent protection against all forms of missiles, wind and rain with the added benefit of being a Uv filter for pieces of glass bonded with Uv reactive adhesives such as epoxy resins or other polymers. If it is fitted in small sheets (under 1200mm tall) it is far less reflective than the whole sheet systems employed in the late 20th Century.

Isothermal Glazing provides the idea conditions for valuable or fragile glass with the stained glass framed in bronze and fitted as secondary glazing on the inside of the church incorporating ventilation to allow a chimney effect in the inter-space between primary and secondary glazing. New primary glazing is installed into the existing glazing grooves of the stone and it can be in several forms or materials. We currently favour 6.4mm laminate glass for its durability, relatively low cost and the Uv filter in the laminate.