Project: St Robert Newminster RC Church. Type: Screen Printed Restoration.

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The north side of the church faces on to a playing field and the south and east are surrounded by a school playing field.


Until Father Cooper arrived none of the stained glass had any form of protection and was subjected to constant damage from ball games followed up by savage glaziers repairs and needless re-leading in heavy leads.


We firstly installed window protection to all the stained glass to prevent further damage. This has been followed up with a program of repairs to the glass as funds become available. All the windows will eventuall have been removed and re-leaded to Wailes original scheme of profile sizes and lot glass or bad repairs replaced with new matching painted and fired pieces.


A particular area of interest is the printed grisaille typical of Wailes windows from this period. We have the technology to replace this lost grisaille with printed and fired new glass that matches both colour, style and technique of the original.


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