Project: St Georges Church Jesmond. Type: General.

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The Great West Window of St George's Church Jesmond, first installed in 1888, was substantially modified circa 1890 and re-installed with much of the glass turned over to make the design more symmetrical. Little heed was paid to the fact that doing this made much of the glass a bad fit and gaps were visible between glass and lead that had been filled with loose material.


The window had been leaking profusely with the stone stained from penetrating water. Added to this was the 120 years of accumulated dirt that had gathered on the glass, making the 6 metre by 1.3 metre lights exceptionally dull.


We opted to conserve all the lead matrix so after removal of the stained glass we embarked on a major project of cleaning out all the gaps and inserting lead fillets that were soldered into the existing lead. Fractures on the calms and solderjoints were repaired using gauze technique and the whole scheme then hand puttied to add stability.


The lights were then framed in bronze and a new primary glazing system of laminate glass with manganese brass T sections inserted. The stained glass being fitted on the inside under Isothermal Conditions.


Not only have we stopped the water penetration but conserved all of the glass and lead in the panels. The specilised cleaning we employed has enhanced the appearance and made this very vibrant window a sight to behold once again.


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