Project portfolio.

Project: New Premises. Type: News.

Iona Art Glass have moved to new premises situated at the Old Police Station, Leslie Drive, Amble, Northumberland. NE65 0PX

Project: St Mary's Church Stannington Northumberland. Type: Medieval Glass Conservation.

Three heraldic shields dating from the 14th, 15th and 17th centuries were discovered in the vestry window of the church. They had been heavily restored in 1951 with much of the glass paint scrubbed off. They were subjected to an environment prone to high moisture content and frequently ran with condensation.

Project: Marischal College, Aberdeen. Type: Conservation.

A large project, where we worked in unison with stone masons, carpenters and other skilled tradesmen to ensure that we produced the highest quality on this historic building in the heart of Aberdeen.

Project: St Georges Church Jesmond. Type: General.

A major conservation project of over 20 square metres of important painted and stained glass from the Arts and Crafts Period. St George's Church Jesmond, a Grade 1 listed building, in Newcastle-upon-Tyne holds some of the North East's finest examples of this period. The West Window was in a poor state, leaking, filthy and about to collapse. The work was undertaken over a period of 4 months and completed on schedule much to the delight of the parish.

Project: St Thomas Churh Stanhope. Type: Medieval Glass Conservation.

The rural parish church of St Thomas Stanhope has in it's west window a large collection of aincent and medieval glass. This was reset by William Wailes of Newcastle-upon-Tyne circa 1860. Many additional fragments were added and incorporated with kiln mistakes and box pieces of Wailes own glass. The window was in danger of falling out and much of the old glass was badly corroded. Several areas had to be re-leaded although a substantial ammount of the original lead was retained. Specilised air cleaning was used to remove corrosion.

Project: St Robert Newminster RC Church. Type: Screen Printed Restoration.

The Roman Catholic Church of St Robert Newminster Morpeth contains a full scheme of William Wailes glass dating from 1848 to 1855. The glass had fallen into a poor state, predominately caused by savage repairs and re-leading in the late 20th Century. Under the instruction of Father Cooper we commenced a program of getting the windows back to how Wailes intended them to look.

Project: St Bees Priory Cumbria. Type: Conservation.

The Priory Church of St Bega in St Bees, Cumbria, is a magnificent building dating back to the 12th Century. It was extensively reordered by Butterfield in the 19th Century and a whole scheme of stained glass by Willaim Wailes installed over some years. The west wind off the sea and driving rain has taken its toll on both the stone and the leaded glass with severe bowing and water penetration evident.